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The Manifestation of the Spirit

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Could you imagine the strife that would have erupted if Aaron declared the spirit of God had come to the temple, and the sacrifices had not been consumed by fire and the visible and tangible presence of the Lord had not occurred? Sadly, this is exactly what many of our modern churches are teaching as truth today. They claim the power of God has saved them while the visible presence of God, has been replaced with an invisible, blind faith mantra of self-declaration (I believe... therefore I am). We are told that if we expect the spirit of God to offer a sign, that somehow this is no longer faith, but works... how ridiculous. It is God that does the miracles, not us... God is the one that performs the works, because he has promised to do them. Don't be misled, God has not changed his mind, nor is he the author of any human or scriptural confusion (1Cor 14:33). The bible is still the best source for direction and truth... let's compare the evidence.

Things to Come

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

While God is eager to tell us of things to come... the human race is trying to shape their current world without learning from the mistakes of their past. God has already told us they we are doomed to failure... but who listens?

More Than You Ask or Think

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Paul powerfully reminds the church at Ephesus, that God had far more capacity to offer them than what they were thinking about... EPH 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, This means that there is a lot more we could ask for, than what we do. If we want to live the spiritual dream... then we need to exercise the spiritual powers that have been put in us. They don't work unless they are purposefully put into action and this won't happen if there isn't a strong and committed desire to do so... all of this can be achieved through the simplicity of faithful and prayer based commitment.

Common to All

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

The letters to the New Testament churches only speak of one salvation, which was common to all of them... Jews and Gentiles alike. There is never any mention of a later anointing of the Spirit for those who were already 'saved', as many falsely claim today. Choosing 'Jesus as your saviour' is not salvation... it is God's choice to respond to us: when our heart is right with him... when we are repentant enough for him to work with us. Baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs when water baptism and/or prayer to receive the Holy Spirit is pursued... God chooses the time, not us. Being filled or anointed with the Spirit occurs when the power of God comes into our body, with God given signs following. The only biblical distinction made between saved people, relates to their willingness to comply to the will of God or not. Like today, the bible writers also faced similar corruptions to the common salvation and found it needful to remind their people of God's truth.

From Babel to Paradise

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

God placed Adam and Eve in a perfect place called paradise. They were given simple instructions on how to live forever, but they chose poorly. Death overtook them and has done so to every person ever since. James wrote... JAM 2:26 "the body without the spirit is dead". Without God's spirit (that is what was forfeited in the Eden paradise)... the body will certainly die. The same vital choices of life or death remain with us today.

God's Peace - The Key to Blessing and Joy

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Despite loud and repeated appeals, this world has no capacity, nor desire to develop true and lasting peace. Sustainable peace is a God given fruit of the Spirit and only those who accept and apply the truths of the bible, can enjoy its life changing blessing. Sadly, many Christians don't grasp what God's peace is, nor do they know how to find it. PHI 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Peace is a state of existence, not an emotion nor a feeling: God's peace is beyond natural or rational thoughts or actions... it is only possible and acquired through scriptural obedience, by those who have been anointed with the Holy Spirit and continue to be led of it.

Survival of the Fittest

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Despite ungodly theories promoted by evolutionists, the concept of survival of the fittest is a sound biblical doctrine. Evolutionary theory (natural selection) teaches... 'struggle for life in which only those organisms best adapted to mutate or reproduce in existing conditions are able to survive.' All life holds no purpose, nor reason for its existence. God defines life as much more than physical existence.

The Price Has Been Paid Regardless

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

The Abrahamic based (single God of bible fame) religions of this world, make up nearly half the worlds population. Christianity 2.1 billion, Islam 1.5 billion and the Jewish faith 14 million. Most Christians are apostate in the sense that they don't rely upon the power of God which Jesus made available in their daily lives. Islam agrees that Jesus lived, but donít respect nor understand the role that he offers this world; while the Jews comprehensively deny the person of Christ and the New Testament writings that resulted from his ministry. These religions offer many false choices when it comes to salvation and Godly living; but as a rule, they donít accept nor take advantage of the price Christ paid for them. The complete Bible offers Christians doctrine, in the same way that the Koran and Torah of the Old Testament, do for the Muslims and Jews. However doctrine without evidence or signs is merely a source of unproven opinions of historic origins. God's true church not only offers doctrine, but genuine, God given signs and wonders... this leaves man made doctrine exposed for what it is. As a rule, the three religious descendants of Abraham don't take advantage of the price Christ paid for them. Their church and faith is built upon doctrine without the visible power and working of the Holy Spirit... which power is still available regardless of their choices.

That is not Fair!

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisban]

Children frequently and loudly proclaim that events or decisions are unfair. Their value system is immature and blind to many of the realities of life and balanced decision making. Likewise, many adults see Christian principles as unfair or unacceptable, with many Christians themselves wrestling over scriptural principles they find 'old fashioned' or too painful to contemplate. The simple reality is that God has always elevated the common good, higher than our personal ambitions, because his values include many aspects of life and death that the human race is totally incapable of considering. The following verses give a simple but balanced approach that reveal why Godís priorities may differ from ours.

Born of God

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Every human birth is the result of a fertilized egg comprised of both male and female genes developing to maturity. The unique gene combination determines almost every aspect of your physical makeup... skin, hair and eye colour, facial features, body shape, potential life span, etc. Not only do you inherit a mixed combination of genetic strengths and weaknesses of your parents; you also are shaped emotionally and intellectually by their input during your developing years (this determines your character and values you will exercise as an adult). In normal circumstances, you will also benefit from the acquired wealth and experience of your parents and will ultimately receive your share of their life's work... this is your inheritance.

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