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Saturday, February 22 2020
from the Brisbane Revival Fellowship

Happiness and blessings to all...

Only 314 days to the year 2021

Scripture Of The Day

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32

Read The Bible In a Year

Numbers 3-4 ; Mark 3:20-35

Thoughts For The Day

A rumor without a leg to stand on will get around some other way.

The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you'll never find it.

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.

Motivation For The Day

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

On This Day

1744 - The Battle of Toulon begins.
1865 - Tennessee adopts a new constitution that abolishes slavery.
1924 - Calvin Coolidge becomes the first President of the United States to deliver a radio broadcast from the White House.
1942 - World War II: President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders General Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines as American defense collapses.
1956 - Elvis Presley enters the music charts for the first time, with "Heartbreak Hotel".
1969 - The last time all four Beatles were together for a recording session.
2006 - At least six men stage Britain's biggest ever robbery, stealing 53m (about $92.5 million or 78 million) from a Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent.

Personal Story Of The Day

   For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
     Matthew 24:24

Reference scriptures from Jude 17-23

Sometimes pithy little sayings contain a lot of truth. Heres just one example: Forewarned is forearmed. When we know about a situation in advance, were able to prepare for it properly. This seems to be what Jude meant when he wrote But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; (v. 17). The presence of the ungodly individuals who were infiltrating the church to which Jude was writing had already been predicted, therefore this congregation should not be caught off guard.

The exact quotation of verse 18 is not found elsewhere in the New Testament, although 2 Peter 3:3 is very close: Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, We also have the words of our Lord quoted in todays verse, as well as a similar idea expressed by the apostle Paul (Acts 20:2930; cf. 1 Tim. 4:13 and 2 Tim. 3:15). There were many warnings that godless individuals would appear in the midst of churches with the intent of deceiving and leading people astray. And Judes purpose in calling these words to remembrance is to warn believers again about these godless ones.

Notice that the quote used by Jude calls these people mockers. Instead of upholding the truth, these false teachers mock and twist it. Most likely, these individuals were mocking Gods moral requirements. Remember, these people followed their base instincts, not acting according to the Spirit.

So what should believers do in the presence of such individuals? Jude offers some very practical advice. First, we are to build ourselves up in the most holy faith (v. 20). Recall that the faith refers to the core beliefs of Christianity. Here Jude is saying that we need to be grounded in these essential doctrines.

Second, we are to pray in the Holy Spirit, which means to pray in tongues. Third, we are to keep ourselves in Gods love as we await the Lords return. Jude says that this love includes showing mercy to doubting Christians and bringing those who have wandered into false teaching back into the truth (vv. 2223).

Jokes Of The Day

The CEO of Inghams manages to arrange a meeting with the Pope at the
After receiving the papal blessing, he whispers, "Your eminence, we have an
offer for you. Inghams is prepared to donate $100 million dollars to the
church if you change the Lord's Prayer from 'give us this day our
daily bread' to, 'give us this day our daily chicken.'
The Pope responds, "That is impossible. The Prayer is the word of the Lord
it must not be changed."
"Well," says the Inghams man, "we anticipated your reluctance.
For this reason, we will increase our offer to $300 million dollars. All we
require is that you change the Lord's Prayer from 'give us this day our
daily bread 'to 'give us this day our daily chicken.'
Again, the Pope replies, "That, my son, is impossible. For the prayer is
the word of the Lord and it must not be changed."
Finally, the Inghams guy says, "Your Holiness, we at Inghams respect your
adherence to your faith, but we do have one final offer. We will donate $500
million dollars - that's half a billion dollars - to
the great Catholic church if you would only change the Lord's Prayer from
'give us this day our daily bread' to 'give us this day our daily chicken.'
Please consider it."
And he leaves.
The next day the Pope convenes the College of Cardinals. "There is some good
news," he announces, "and some bad news." "The good news is that the Church
will come into $500 million dollars."
"And the bad news, your Eminence?" asks a Cardinal.
"We're losing the Tip Top Account."


From the Dog's diary :

7 am - Oh boy! A walk! My favorite!

8 am - Oh boy! Dog food! My favorite!

9 am - Oh boy! The kids! My favorite!

Noon - Oh boy! The yard! My favorite!

2 pm - Oh boy! A car ride! My favorite!

3 pm - Oh boy! The kids! My favorite!

4 pm - Oh boy! Playing ball! My favorite!

6 pm - Oh boy! Welcome home Mom! My favorite!

7 pm - Oh boy! Welcome home Dad! My favorite!

8 pm - Oh boy! Dog food! My favorite!

9 pm - Oh boy! Tummy rubs on the couch! My favorite!

11 pm - Oh boy! Sleeping in my people's bed! My favorite!

From the Cat's diary :

Day 2,483 of my captivity... My captors continued to taunt me with bizarre
little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while I am
forced to eat dry cereal. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope of
escape, and the mild satisfaction I get from clawing the furniture.
Tomorrow I may eat another house plant.

Today my attempt to kill my captors by weaving around their feet while they
were walking almost succeeded - must try this at the top of the stairs. In
an attempt to disgust and repulse these vile oppressors, I once again
induced myself to vomit on their favorite chair - must try this on their

Decapitated a mouse and brought them the headless body in an attempt to
make them aware of what I am capable of, and to try to strike fear in their
hearts. They only cooed and condescended about what a good little cat I
was. Hmmm, not working according to plan.

There was some sort of gathering of their accomplices. I was in solitary
throughout the event. However, I could hear the noise and smell the food.
More important, I overheard that my confinement was due to my powers of
inducing "allergies." Must learn what this is and how to use it to my

I am convinced the other captives are flunkies and maybe snitches. The dog
is routinely released and seems more than happy to return. He is obviously
a half-wit. The bird, on the other hand, has got to be an informant and
speaks with them regularly. I am certain he reports my every move. Due to
his current placement in the metal room, his safety is assured.

But I can wait; it is only a matter of time...


A man goes to the doctor and tells him that he hasn't been feeling well.

The doctor examines him, leaves the room and comes back with three different bottles of pills.

The doctor says, "Take the green pill with a big glass of water when you get up. Take the blue pill with a big glass of water after lunch. Then just before going to bed, take the red pill with another big glass of water."

Startled to be put on so much medicine the man stammers, "Jeez doc, exactly what's my problem?"

Doctor says, "You're not drinking enough water."


Riddle Of The Day

What is the difference between an oak tree and a tight shoe?

Answer to Yesterdays Riddle
What is the only 6-letter word in the English language that gives you 12 when you take away 1?

Devotional Thoughts Of The Day

  As Jesus began to make His way to Jerusalem, He sent messengers ahead to prepare a Samaritan village along the way for His arrival. But the people there rejected Him.

When James and John heard about their refusal, they fumed, "And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them,?" (Luke 9:54). They had just been on the Mount and had seen the Lord with Moses and Elijah (vv.28-36). The account of Elijah and the fire from heaven must have come to their minds (1 Kings 18:36-39). But when they asked if they could call down fiery judgment on the Samaritans, Jesus rebuked them.

It is not our business to judge God's enemies. "'Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,' sayeth the Lord" (Romans 12:19). Our business is to tell the world, and even those who oppose us, about His offer of salvation.

Paul gave us these instructions: "'If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink' . . . . Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" (vv.20-21). We must overwhelm evil opponents with faithful Godly love and instruction if we can, get them spirit filled if possible and leave judgment with God.


The Feast of Trumpets

And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation. Leviticus 23:23-24

This feast occurs later in the year and it is connected to the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles. According to the Jewish calendar, it is also a celebration of the new year. The prophetic aspect of this feast points to a new era, an era that will begin after the final trumpet blow (the last trump will sound). We have still not reached this era. The spiritual types encompassed in Easter and Pentecost are behind us, already fulfilled by Jesus Christ. The Feast of Tabernacles is yet to be fulfilled by Jesus.

These last celebrations will take place at the end of the harvest season. They symbolize how God desires to give harvest and rest to His people. First comes the work of bringing in the harvest, then the rest and enjoyment of the fruit together with Him, forever. The celebrations occur after months of summer drought.

At the end of this era, after periods of drought, the Lord has yet another celebration for His people. Once again they will assemble, harvest and enter the Lord's celebration, joy and rest. He will reveal Himself to His people. However, this celebration also prophesies about an end-time harvest that will include all people of all nations.

The Feast of Trumpets was to rouse the people and prompt them to prepare for the Day of Atonement. The shofar, a goat horn, was sounded to remind the people that a goat took Isaac's place on the altar. This highlights our own obligation to proclaim how Jesus took our place. He is our horn of salvation. The trumpet sounds to ensure we are awake, sober, and prepared. Clothed in the armour of the Holy Spirit, we are able to face resistance and fulfill God's purpose victoriously.

Facts Of The Day

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Closing Thought

Lord, thank You for the wise words of others that help me be a better saint.