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The Battle is the Lord's

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

God makes an offers to the whole world, which would allow them to stop struggling and to let him guide their life. This is made possible through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The new Christian life is simplified by understanding the ongoing battle between good and evil. However, there needs to be an understanding of what God means by good and evil. Good and evil are not moralistic nor social values... they are principles pertaining to spiritual life and death. Thus good, means something which helps life and evil means something which helps death. Many struggle under the weight of battle, but the scripture reminds us that the battle is not ours, it is God's.

The Greatest Motivator of All... Respect

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

The greatest battle we will ever face as a Christian; is the fight to maintain the wisdom that God has given us. The challenge is between God's values and ours, God's will and our will, God's truth verses our natural understanding. There is only solution that guarantees the result that we all pray for... and God who knows the end even before the beginning has given us this wonderful solution... BUILD RESPECT FOR GOD.

Real Hope for Real People

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

This topic will reveal the true extent by which God is willing to work with us and work through us. We will also confirm the vital facts that relate to the significance of the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We are real people of God and we have a real hope based on a real gospel. God has lovingly revealed the extent of this reality more clearly than we might realise.

Turning Weakness Into Strength

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

It can be a daunting task to serve God when we feel weak or lack confidence and conviction. However, God is an expert at changing weakness into strength and turning ordinary people into real heroes. God has already taken the first step by filling you with the Holy Spirit, just as he did with Jesus and later with his disciples. The following story of Moses will serve to show us just how great a thing the Lord can do if we are willing to act on his directives through the application of faith.

The Good Soldier

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

The bible is full of inspirational topics that are designed to open our minds and hearts to the real opportunities that are available for us. This topic looks at the wonderful parallel that God has drawn between a good soldier and a good Christian. The obvious benefit comes from the ability to relate the words of God to our current life. What is the great enemy that all Christian soldiers need to fight? The main battle is against death... thus good soldiers are the enemies of death and the servants of life. Soldiers understand one very important point... they donít stop fighting until the battle is won!

The First Miracle

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

The first miracle that Jesus performed of turning the water into wine, is also a metaphor for salvation. This is also the first miracle we receive that gives us eternal life...the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It was common for Jesus to use parables and metaphors and a wise person will realise that such treasures are hidden away in numerous places in the gospels. Understanding these truths is a great blessing and a rich source of knowledge and wisdom.

The Abuse of God's Salvation Message

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

There have been many extreme practices promoted by Spirit filled people over many decades. The 'Toronto styled' blessings (laughing, crying, falling over, etc), the prosperity doctrine, extremes of faith healing, casting devils out of spirit filled people, etc. Have all come about for one reason... they confuse salvation with an emotive confession, that uses the name of Jesus Christ. Salvation has nothing to do with what we verbally claim, rather it depends upon God confirming our repentance through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This takes it entirely out of our hands and places it in the hands of God.

Are You Weak, or Are You Weak?

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

There is a weakness that destroys an individual and there is a weakness that is more powerful than the greatest of all threats. This is completely opposed to the wisdom and expectation of those who are not living their life as wise Christians. The bible reveals the type of weakness that will enable you to defeat the strongest of the strong. It also reveals the weaknesses that will ultimately destroy you if you are not careful.

God Needs You More Than You Might Think

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Many would argue that God doesn't need people, as he is complete and eternal...lacking nothing. This is a fallacy seeing the very nature of the New Covenant is totally dependent on Christians being able to promote the new spiritual laws that Christ died for. This 'need' began soon after Adam and Eve chose to reject a direct relationship with God, preferring to manage the human race through their own choices and abilities, (they ate from the tree of knowledge and God was obliged to keep his word). This failure of Adam locked God into working directly through humans for the balance of the numerous bible ages till now. God needs faithful humans to do his will, as it is the only way that his word and power can be made effective.

SE QLD 4 True Stories Pamphlet (Blue)

By Brisbane Revival Fellowship [Brisbane]

A blue invitation pamphlet with testimonies and assembly details for the SE QLD area

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