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The Abuse of God's Salvation Message

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

There have been many extreme practices promoted by Spirit filled people over many decades. The 'Toronto styled' blessings (laughing, crying, falling over, etc), the prosperity doctrine, extremes of faith healing, casting devils out of spirit filled people, etc. Have all come about for one reason... they confuse salvation with an emotive confession, that uses the name of Jesus Christ. Salvation has nothing to do with what we verbally claim, rather it depends upon God confirming our repentance through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This takes it entirely out of our hands and places it in the hands of God.

Are You Weak, or Are You Weak?

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

There is a weakness that destroys an individual and there is a weakness that is more powerful than the greatest of all threats. This is completely opposed to the wisdom and expectation of those who are not living their life as wise Christians. The bible reveals the type of weakness that will enable you to defeat the strongest of the strong. It also reveals the weaknesses that will ultimately destroy you if you are not careful.

God Needs You More Than You Might Think

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Many would argue that God doesn't need people, as he is complete and eternal...lacking nothing. This is a fallacy seeing the very nature of the New Covenant is totally dependent on Christians being able to promote the new spiritual laws that Christ died for. This 'need' began soon after Adam and Eve chose to reject a direct relationship with God, preferring to manage the human race through their own choices and abilities, (they ate from the tree of knowledge and God was obliged to keep his word). This failure of Adam locked God into working directly through humans for the balance of the numerous bible ages till now. God needs faithful humans to do his will, as it is the only way that his word and power can be made effective.

SE QLD 4 True Stories Pamphlet (Blue)

By Brisbane Revival Fellowship [Brisbane]

A blue invitation pamphlet with testimonies and assembly details for the SE QLD area

Spiritual Poverty, the Fruit of a Lazy Soul

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

The following proverbs and N/T counterparts reveal a positive, life saving guide to the value of walking in the spirit. Eternal life is a dedicated journey, not a one off event. Spiritual poverty is the fruit of spiritual laziness.

The Truth About Grace

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

One of the great errors of the modern day church is its inability to determine what the grace of God is and furthermore, how it applies to effective, New Testament teaching. Grace is the word used which best describes God's attitude towards the current New Testament period, which began through Christ's sacrifice. In simple terms, grace is merciful kindness, or favour. Grace is not salvation, but best describes Godís attitude towards us... a desire that we might obey the gospel and enjoy a complete and rewarding life. Godís grace remains ineffective unless we obey the terms of the gospel. Many try to redefine grace as a major gift or power of the Holy Spirit, but this is wrong. Grace is not listed as a gift nor a fruit of the Holy Spirit in the detailed lists of 1Cor 12 and Gal 5. Godís favor or grace may be a gift from God in the same sense that Jesus Christ was a gift to the human race, but neither grace nor the good wishes of Christ replace the need to obey the gospel.

The Time at the End - Part B

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

We are not going to look specifically at the signs that herald the end of this age, but we are going to investigate the social and religious attitudes prophesied for this time. The Bible has a huge amount of details that pertain to these end times and the Lord makes it very clear that he is not going to tolerate this situation much longer. There is a remarkable clarity about the word of God that so accurately identifies the troubles of our current times. The type of problems we are looking at are not new and have caused the end of many other civilizations in the past. The Bible bears record of these troubled times and it is interesting to compare notes with what has gone in the past. History truly repeats itself and we can see clearly that we are in the death throws of this age. The best aspect about all of this is in the fact that there is an answer to the problem. Unfortunately, most people don't want to hear it. Lets go back about 4,000 years and look at Sodom. These people had corrupted themselves so much: God was no longer going to tolerate them. None were interested in the ways of God and they simply ran out of time.

Water and Fire

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

The world is on the brink of an absolute, planet wide disaster that will eliminate almost all forms of human and animal life. This is the second time that the bible has recorded such far reaching disasters...the first time was the great flood and the next and soon to come calamity relates to a fiery death for almost all forms of life. God had Noah build an ark to save those who believed the prophecy of the coming flood and Jesus Christ is building another ark... called the church; which will also deliver those who prepare for the coming fire. Both destructive judgments are the results of human rebellion against the principles of God.

Get Rid of the Baggage

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

For many people, the thought of becoming a Christian is far removed from the realms of possibility. Many see no redeeming qualities in their life, nor do they see any personal strengths that will serve them. In simple terms, they don't have what it takes. You might be surprised to discover that no Christian has ever had what it takes. In fact, without God's Spirit we would all be miserable failures; the apostles included. God refuses to allow our weaknesses and failures to get in the way of his plans.

Why Temptations are Essential

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

As much as we don't like to face them, temptations are essential. Temptations build strength, build faith, develop character... open up the power of God and produce overcomers. Temptations are not just enticements to act upon weaknesses... they include pressures, doubt, fear, low confidence levels, uncertainty, time constraints, etc. Life holds many blessings, but it also assures us of many difficulties as well.

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