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Above All Things

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Talk Notes "The term ‘above all things’ is mentioned four times in the King James version of the Bible. The significance of such terminology instructs us to set priorities... with these four commands taking the top four positions on the Christians ‘must do’ list. "


By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Talk Notes "But what about today? Who will love and work with new Christians and help them grow spiritually strong? Who will encourage, guide, and model the truth for them? Who will call young believers to accountability and work with God to help mould their character?"

You are the Man

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

How did David end up in the mess he got himself into? What were the small steps he took that led to his sin? How can we use his example to avoid temptation today?

Paul and his Journeys - Part 10 Paul Gives his Testimony in Jerusalem

By C Howard [Brisbane]

Another article in the Paul and his journeys series.

The Deceitfulness of Sin

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Talk Notes : - "These reasons for sin have one result... they threaten our relationship with God and need to be removed. This is done through the knowledge of right and wrong and the application of repentance and forgiveness."

Steal No More

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Talk Notes - "It is not surprising that God tells us not to steal any longer, but it is quite an eye opener when we look at some spiritual truths about theft and its consequences."

Worry and Anxiety

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Talk Notes "The following scriptures give us a brief outline of God's advice when we find that anxiety and worry threaten us. There is no human condition which God hasn't been able to identify and offer a safe and lasting solution."

The Battle is the Lord's

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Talk Notes "Good and evil are not moralistic nor social values... they are principles pertaining to life and death. Thus good, means good for life and evil, means good for death. Many struggle under the weight of battle, but the scripture reminds us that the battle is not ours, it is God’s"

In God's House

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Talk Notes "God in his wisdom has given us through the appreciation of natural homes, an insight into what he is offering us. It is interesting to note that even God’s household is run on very similar lines to ours."

Starting Fresh

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Talk Notes "The concept of renewal is also a powerful bible theme. Things wear out, things change, things get tired, changes need to be made. This is what God is offering the human race... a new life with new conditions. "

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