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How Old Was Timothy

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

How old was Timothy when this scripture was written? 1Timothy 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in faith, in purity. It is falsely assumed that Timothy was in his late teens or early twenties when these verses were written, but a quick check of bible chronology, and the established dates of the writings of the following letters, give us a far better grasp of Timothies age through the scriptures.

Death And Hell

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Is the finality of judgement about punishing or eternal punishment.....One of the common mistakes made when trying to interpret the bible comes from overlooking the most basic rule of study... comparing the scriptures with themselves. The concept of eternal punishing is strangely missing from every prominent Old Testament reference. It is very hard to imagine why God would not warn Adam and Eve and numerous other key players in their times right up to Christ, that death would include eternal torment filled with unrelenting pain and horror for all of time... with no relief whatsoever. There is a huge difference between death (which is often quick and uneventful) compared with eternal torturous pain. Why would God hide, or disguise such a hideous result for thousands of years, if such a terrible punishment were literally true.

God Has You Covered

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

God has prepared a gospel for the weakest of the weak, right through to the strongest of the strong. God cares for us much more than we can imagine. When we are weak we can become strong, because that is when we hand over to God and let him do the work that we cannot. God can cover our sins as easy as Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves. God went one better and covered them more permanently with animal skins. By forgiving us our sins, God gives us room and time to grow and learn from mistakes and weaknesses... to develop spiritually. However, a working faith is required... to believe God by acting upon his directions (to obtain salvation and live in it).

Starting And Building God's Church

By Pastor Brad Smith [Fraser Coast Revival Fellowship]

A brief summary of the books in the New Testament. The Gospel books... The historical and spiritual identification of Jesus, the son of God, his words, deeds and promises... death and resurrection. The books of Acts... The only detailed accounts of scriptural salvation and the founding of the church. The first history and missionary journeys of those who preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, how the spirit was recognised by signs and wonders, and the opposition/persecution they faced. The Epistles... Letters and some prophecies to churches/leaders in various stages of development. They deal with all life issues, how to maintain faith and sound doctrine through the power of God, for every true believer.

To Walk With Christ

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

What does it mean to walk with Jesus Christ (to walk in the Spirit)?To walk with Jesus is the most important thing that anyone can possibly do... this is where the Lord will take walk with the walk with walk with the Holy walk in a path that you have never been down walk in power and wonderment...

The Power Of Knowledge

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

To know God is to know the power of God. To understand God is to understand how to use his power. The only way we come face to face with God, is by receiving the anointing power Of the Holy Spirit. Once we meet God... we need to learn what he wants from us and how to use the power that we have received. This is achieved through various facets of learning. Reading, instruction, revelation and commitment all play a vital role in the learning process. As we progress, our knowledge needs to be turned into effective action and service.

The Culture Wars

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Culture can be defined as all the ways of life including arts, beliefs and institutions of a population, that are passed down from generation to generation... these cultures are adjusted and changed as needed. God's culture is built on spiritual principles and powers which are revealed once we are filled with the Holy Spirit. This requires us to move away from natural thinking and exercise spiritual principles. This will vary according to the culture we live under.

Turning Weakness To Greatness

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

God has always been able to turn weak people into great people, and failed people into overcomers. He also made a great nation out of weak people, who he made great.

The Events Of The Lord's Return

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

A simple bible study of the revealed order of details surrounding the return of the Lord. See also the talk "In Our Lifetime" delivered on 4th February 2022.

In Our Lifetime

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

There is one thing common to all of us on the planet... we are born and we die. This is inescapable. However, there is something else that is totally overlooked by the great majority... all will have to answer to God (who is their creator), for the things they have done with their lives.

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