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From Babel to Paradise

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

God placed Adam and Eve in a perfect place called paradise. They were given simple instructions on how to live forever, but they chose poorly. Death overtook them and has done so to every person ever since. James wrote... JAM 2:26 "the body without the spirit is dead". Without God's spirit (that is what was forfeited in the Eden paradise)... the body will certainly die. The same vital choices of life or death remain with us today.

Survival of the Fittest

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Despite ungodly theories promoted by evolutionists, the concept of survival of the fittest is a sound biblical doctrine. Evolutionary theory (natural selection) teaches... 'struggle for life in which only those organisms best adapted to mutate or reproduce in existing conditions are able to survive.' All life holds no purpose, nor reason for its existence. God defines life as much more than physical existence.

That is not Fair!

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisban]

Children frequently and loudly proclaim that events or decisions are unfair. Their value system is immature and blind to many of the realities of life and balanced decision making. Likewise, many adults see Christian principles as unfair or unacceptable, with many Christians themselves wrestling over scriptural principles they find 'old fashioned' or too painful to contemplate. The simple reality is that God has always elevated the common good, higher than our personal ambitions, because his values include many aspects of life and death that the human race is totally incapable of considering. The following verses give a simple but balanced approach that reveal why God’s priorities may differ from ours.

Born of God

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Every human birth is the result of a fertilized egg comprised of both male and female genes developing to maturity. The unique gene combination determines almost every aspect of your physical makeup... skin, hair and eye colour, facial features, body shape, potential life span, etc. Not only do you inherit a mixed combination of genetic strengths and weaknesses of your parents; you also are shaped emotionally and intellectually by their input during your developing years (this determines your character and values you will exercise as an adult). In normal circumstances, you will also benefit from the acquired wealth and experience of your parents and will ultimately receive your share of their life's work... this is your inheritance.

The Fear of the Lord

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

A genuine and healthy fear of God, coupled with the anointing of the Spirit, is essential for salvation. It is also vital for overcoming the various temptations of this life. While many focus on 'love', they overlook the fact that a good relationship with God, is impossible without understanding the value of fear. A healthy respect for the Lord develops the true and effective love, which God describes. Fear is the attitudinal foundation upon which salvation can be built; this is the solid basis upon which true Godly love functions. We are reminded that the battle of life is only resolved, when death is defeated... this should be the primary commitment of all humans... anything less, is to be greatly feared.

If You Really Knew the Gift of God

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Most people would be stunned in disbelief if they comprehended what God was freely offering them. In a world that has been dumbed down by spiritual corruption and extraverted pleasure seeking; it is left to God's faithful workers to spread the fabulous news of the true gospel. This is certainly not a recent problem for God.

The Mystery of Jesus Christ Part Four

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

We have clearly seen that faulty church doctrine, ignorance, rebellion and a host of religious failings, have left most people totally ignorant of what Jesus Christ represented and why he came and died as a perfect sacrifice for the human race. God resolved all of these human failings by filling people with the Holy Spirit with signs following, so they need not get caught out through deceit or ignorance. This summary reveals many of the mysteries that have confused generations of worshippers.

The Mystery of Jesus Christ Part Three

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

There is one very sad reason for the ignorance that surrounds Jesus Christ. Many religious and political leaders have done their best over the last 2000 years to limit or deny the true power that Christ made available to the human race. Even today, there are continuous attacks on Christian values with many religious leaders compromised towards humanist and social engineering. The following scriptures clearly reveal, how insidious some people with power over others, tend to be. Jesus was sent to free the world from sin and to encourage people to be led of the Spirit... not men.

The Mystery of Jesus Christ Part Two

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

We have already seen (part 1), the great confusion that surrounded the life and purpose of Jesus Christ… even by his closest friends and disciples. Ignorance of God's truths often lead people to reject the word of the Lord, just as Adam and Eve rejected good advice in the beginning. The gospel is a mystery to many, because they fail to grasp all the implications of Christ's sacrifice and the essential need to be anointed by the ensuing Holy Spirit. The following notes reveal the very real ignorance towards Christ, despite many positive proofs and scriptural facts offered by God.

The Mystery of Jesus Christ Part One

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

This is the first of four presentations that reveal the real purpose why Jesus Christ exists and the God given benefits that the human race can expect to receive from him. This overview reveals the high levels of ignorance relating to Jesus Christ and the contents of his gospel. We will see that nothing has changed... not even today.

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