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God Needs You More Than You Might Think

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Many would argue that God doesn't need people, as he is complete and eternal...lacking nothing. This is a fallacy seeing the very nature of the New Covenant is totally dependent on Christians being able to promote the new spiritual laws that Christ died for. This 'need' began soon after Adam and Eve chose to reject a direct relationship with God, preferring to manage the human race through their own choices and abilities, (they ate from the tree of knowledge and God was obliged to keep his word). This failure of Adam locked God into working directly through humans for the balance of the numerous bible ages till now. God needs faithful humans to do his will, as it is the only way that his word and power can be made effective.

The Truth About Grace

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

One of the great errors of the modern day church is its inability to determine what the grace of God is and furthermore, how it applies to effective, New Testament teaching. Grace is the word used which best describes God's attitude towards the current New Testament period, which began through Christ's sacrifice. In simple terms, grace is merciful kindness, or favour. Grace is not salvation, but best describes Godís attitude towards us... a desire that we might obey the gospel and enjoy a complete and rewarding life. Godís grace remains ineffective unless we obey the terms of the gospel. Many try to redefine grace as a major gift or power of the Holy Spirit, but this is wrong. Grace is not listed as a gift nor a fruit of the Holy Spirit in the detailed lists of 1Cor 12 and Gal 5. Godís favor or grace may be a gift from God in the same sense that Jesus Christ was a gift to the human race, but neither grace nor the good wishes of Christ replace the need to obey the gospel.


By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Everyone desires happiness, security, good health and a loving family, but almost everyone in the world fails to achieve these goals. The human race has been the same since its beginnings; every culture, every race and every society out of every era, has been seeking after these attributes. Not only do most people fail to achieve a quality of life; death comes along and robs them of their whole life's work. Where do they go to next? The human race normally avoids any thought or preparations relating to death. It is like a worldwide game of 'make-believe' where they simply pretend that it doesn't matter. The vast majority of people act like the ostrich... by burying their heads in the 'pleasures' of this world and hoping that all their troubles will mysteriously go away. Jesus came to the earth to refresh mankind, revealing why they have a new life through the provision of God. His words related to both now and the life after Christ's return. He established His expertise in these matters by performing countless miracles. These signs provided the evidence of the truth about the Gospel that He preached. Amazingly, most people turned their backs, preferring their dead end religious practices or their ignorance, in preference to the miracles, signs and wonders that were being put forward. Unfortunately things are no better today; the vast majority have nothing but excuses

The Good Samaritan

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Samaritans were considered a low class of people by the Jews since they had intermarried with non-Jews and did not keep all the law. Thus the Jews normally would have nothing to do with them. We do not know if the injured man was a Jew or Gentile, but it made no difference to the Samaritan, he did not consider the man's race or religion. The 'Good Samaritan' saw only a person in urgent need of assistance and assist him he did, above and beyond the scriptural requirements.

Ray Stedman Tongues Refuted

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Pastor Brad refutes some arguments about tongues that have been put forth by Ray Stedman

More Than Words

By Damon Cronshaw [Newcastle]

Feature article in 'The Herald' newspaper about the Newcastle Fellowship."Speaking in tongues speaks volumes about a Glendale church group's commitment to their faith, observes Damon Cronshaw".

The Power of Fellowship

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

Fellowship is much more than turning up at a meeting and communion is much more than drinking and eating food elements once a week. Paul makes some very sobering observations about the benefits of fellowship and the severe cost of misunderstanding these truths.

Preparing The Way Of The Lord

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

The kingdom of God doesnít have a flashing neon sign over the entrance gate, nor does it have clearly lit street signs leading to it. The way of God is hidden from all men, because it is not discerned through the natural senses. The application of sight, hearing, touch, etc, reveal nothing. The way to God is a spiritually discerned path and can only be found through the instructions given by Godís people. The right instructions bring the right results.

Greater Works Part Two

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

We see that the greater works that Christ prophesied about, related to the receiving and use of the Holy Spirit. It is interesting for two reasons... the first is the statement that we will have the potential to do the works of Christ (miracles)... and the second, which is the most amazing, reveals that we have the potential to do even greater works than Christ. We understand also that there are two layers of responsibility at work at the same time.

Greater Works

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane]

There is an intriguing scripture in the gospel of John that alludes to our works surpassing that of Christís.It is interesting for two reasons... the first is the statement that we will have the potential to do the works of Christ (miracles)... and the second, which is the most amazing, reveals that we have the potential to do even greater works than Christ... how can that be?

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