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Kingmakers Of The Temples

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 2/10/2022

The temple was the only place on earth where God and the people could meet safely. Both of these meeting places were made possible by two sons of David, both kings... Solomon and Jesus. Both of these men were mentored and trained by kingmakers, before they were able to go bring about their chosen blessings.

When Help Is Needed

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 18/9/2022

Both the saved and unsaved have a common problem... we both need God's help. The unsaved have their own problems... Firstly, they are spiritually dead. Followed by that they are all normal failings, fear and needs that all spirit filled people face.

Bible Facts

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 13/9/2022

The following is a list of interesting facts relating to the Bible and its makeup.

Stupid By Choice

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 11/9/2022

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King Jr (1964). He stated this great truth in relationship to the religious and national ignorance towards the African American peoples and other minorities. Conscientious stupidity means that people are purposely choosing to live in error, or to believe untruths and misinformation, at the expense of provable reality. This has been the choice of mankind towards God for the extent of Bible history and is even more relevant today. Not only do minorities suffer as a result; the whole human race suffers under the same delusion. The reality of physical and spiritual death faces all of us, but those who hold power tend to dominate the weak rather than help them. God has been trying to awaken humanity to the false reality and the wilful ignorance that they have chosen... he offers them life in far greater abundance than they could ever imagine. This is where our role comes in as spirit filled ambassadors... we have proof.

A Bit About God's Nature

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 24/7/2022

God is the same at all times and never changes. When Jesus came on the ministry scene, he also had the same nature as God... Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. As time passed, God has been able to bring in better covenants that are more effective than others. This is due to the gains and opportunities made by faithful men and women. After the death and resurrection of Christ, God had a mechanism for continually providing the bulk of his desired blessings for all humanity... the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Interestingly, God has always offered mankind the same types of blessings, but he never had a consistent and effective way of doing so. God's nature has never changed... as the following verses indicate.

Basics: Seeds Of Life

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 21/7/2022

Every Spirit Filled person has once pondered the icy cold prospect of death. That is why the vast majority of people have joined God's fellowship by being anointed in the Spirit. Someone sowed the seeds of life into your heart, by telling you what God's offering. There is a very good reason why death needs to be defeated... without life, there is nothing... without God there is no life... without the Holy Spirit there is no after life. That is the message we take to the world. God motivated us to acquire our salvation through the promise of eternal life... this precious knowledge needs to be shared. The seeds of life are sown by words of truth and power.


By Phil Sunderland [Brisbane] on the 19/7/2022

hen Jesus began His ministry, He exercised authority to cast out demons, to heal, and forgive. It was both controversial and exciting. It is important that we recognise God's authority in every aspect of our lives, and exercise the authority that He granted to us.


By Mick Milazzo [Brisbane] on the 10/7/2022

Time is all we have and we all have the same amount. We can invest our time, we can spend our time, or we can waste our time. This life of ours is about the time we have been gifted by God.

The Start And The Building Of God's Church Pt4

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 10/7/2022

Once filled with the Holy Spirit we need to make the second greatest choice of our lives. We need to be just as diligent in prayer and action to stay saved as we did to get saved. Then comes our third responsibility... to restore where possible those who have failed to build themselves up and continue on with their salvation in the way that God has made available. These 3 actions lead us to understand the principle that supports them all... the Love of God.

Faith To Grow

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 5/7/2022

We are continually encouraged by God to give ourselves room to receive more blessing. This simply means that we give up some more of the non productive parts of our lives and make increases in the spiritual commitments that are on offer. In other words, we put more into our walk in the Lord. The action which permits us to trust God, is called faith... and faith is what we need to apply. If we learn to identify opportunities, then we can put our faith into action, but if we never see opportunities, then faith can never be exercised. Opportunities are evident, because prayer brings them to the surface... they are exposed so attention can be focused on them. Lack of prayer probably means that there will be no recognizable opportunities and yet they exist around us every moment of the day.

New Creation

By Neil Creek [Brisbane] on the 3/7/2022

The Bible tells us to be filled with the Spirit, speaking to ourselves in psalms, and hymns and spiritual songs... the following presentation examines the scriptures that are relevant to a popular chorus, I am a new creation.

The Start And The Building Of Gods Church Pt3

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 26/6/2022

Once filled with the Holy Spirit we need to make the second greatest choice of our lives. We need to be just as diligent in prayer and action to stay saved as we did to get saved. Then comes our third responsibility... to restore where possible those who have failed to build themselves up and continue on with their salvation in the way that God has made available.

The Start And The Building Of God's Church Pt2

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 19/6/2022

Once filled with the Holy Spirit we need to make the second greatest choice of our lives. We need to be just as diligent in prayer and action to stay saved as we did to get saved. This is always our choice and our choice alone. We have already used bible examples to disprove many myths and false doctrines about salvation... we also rejoice because we are shown how to use God's power, wisdom and obedience to remain in our saved state.

The Start And The Building Of God's Church

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 12/6/2022

Here is a brief summary of the purpose and content of the books of the New Testament. The Gospel books... The historical, prophetic and spiritual record of Jesus, the son of God... his words, his deeds and promises... death and resurrection. The book of Acts... The only detailed accounts of the founding of the church and of full scriptural salvation. The first history and missionary journeys of those who preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, how the spirit was recognised by miracles signs and wonders, and the opposition they faced. The Epistles... Letters and some prophecies to the churches/leaders in various stages of development. They deal with all life issues and how to maintain faith and sound doctrine through the power of God... for everyone.

How Old Was Timothy

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 10/6/2022

How old was Timothy when this scripture was written? 1Timothy 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in faith, in purity. It is falsely assumed that Timothy was in his late teens or early twenties when these verses were written, but a quick check of bible chronology, and the established dates of the writings of the following letters, give us a far better grasp of Timothies age through the scriptures.


By Phil Sunderland [Brisbane] on the 29/5/2022

The world we live in is, and always has been, full of controversy. With the advent of the all-pervasive communication modes that surround us today, the volume of controversy seems to have increased significantly. The Word teaches us that we shouldn't be consumed in controversy, and the world's supposedly controversial issues just disappear when seen in the context of God's plan and promises. A lot of disagreements exist because people are asking the wrong questions. Lets look at what the Word tells us about the right questions.

Forgiveness Is A Daily Opportunity

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 25/5/2022

Most often when we think of forgiveness, we tend to think of ourselves and what we need to improve, but this is not the best way to go. Once we are forgiven and walking in the spirit, the greater gains will come from, forgiving others and building better relationships. Once freed from sin, we should have far much more energy to direct towards the weak and unsaved... this is our daily opportunity.

Death And Hell

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 22/5/2022

Is the finality of judgement about punishing or eternal punishment..... One of the common mistakes made when trying to interpret the bible comes from overlooking the most basic rule of study... comparing the scriptures with themselves. The concept of eternal punishing is strangely missing from every prominent Old Testament reference. It is very hard to imagine why God would not warn Adam and Eve and numerous other key players in their times right up to Christ, that death would include eternal torment filled with unrelenting pain and horror for all of time... with no relief whatsoever. There is a huge difference between death (which is often quick and uneventful) compared with eternal torturous pain. Why would God hide, or disguise such a hideous result for thousands of years, if such a terrible punishment were literally true.

God Has You Covered

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 4/5/2022

God has prepared a gospel for the weakest of the weak, right through to the strongest of the strong. God cares for us much more than we can imagine. When we are weak we can become strong, because that is when we hand over to God and let him do the work that we cannot. God can cover our sins as easy as Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves. God went one better and covered them more permanently with animal skins. By forgiving us our sins, God gives us room and time to grow and learn from mistakes and weaknesses... to develop spiritually. However, a working faith is required... to believe God by acting upon his directions (to obtain salvation and live in it).

The Gift Of God

By Pastor Arthur Marshman [Brisbane] on the 1/5/2022

God has a single gift for all mankind, and he sent his son to earth to deliver it to us. This Gift is the Holy Spirit, receiving it is an experience that is variously described as; a baptism, an outpouring, an infilling, or being born of the Spirit. On receiving this gift, we open it to find signs and wonders following: speaking in tongues, healing, miracles, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, faith, discernment, and prophecy. As we walk with the Spirit of God, our lives become full of the fruits of the Spirit: Love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. If you would like to receive this gift, read these bible references.

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