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Putting Your Hand to the Plough

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 3/7/2011

God has brought you forwards to a position where He can work with you. What is the priority in your heart now?

Building Confidence

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 5/6/2011

Sometimes our journey in life has big hiccups, sometimes tragedy strikes. How can you maintain confidence in God despite the negatives in life? A close inspection of Paul's life show it was filled with turmoil, but he still maintained an underlying confidence in God.

Vision and Commitment Part 2

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 8/5/2011

A continuation of a theme covered in a prior talk. Focus on the things that God has done for you, rather than perceived spiritual failings.

Vision and Commitment Part 1

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 8/5/2011

You might not have been here through the vast period of creative existence, but you can be here for the rest of time. Don't treat your life as a "trial-run". Don't live life the way you used to live it.

Keeping the Fire Alight

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 3/4/2011

Continuing on from the 'Keys to Real Treasure' talk, Pastor Brad explores the analogy between the fire that consumed the Old Testament sacrifices, with that of the Holy Spirt. Why it's important to keep the fire burning.

Keys To Real Treasure

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 27/3/2011

When it comes to the concept of salvation, many have trouble differentiating between keys, and the treasure which the keys unlock.

The Ascendancy of the Spirit

By R Hanfling [Brisbane] on the 27/3/2011

Even though we have a mind and body that we'll probably never understand, we have to overcome these to give God first place. Put time and effort into prayer and reading, and reap the benefits.

God is a Covenant God

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 13/2/2011

Be aware that you are convenant people. Be aware that you have a convenant God. Be aware that you've got convenant powers to work with. God does not cheat nor alter nor adjust the covenant he is in. God will honour his covenant with you.

The Battle for the Soul

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 12/12/2010

There's a battle going on for the souls of men. It began in the garden of Eden, and continues today.

Why Should I Read the Bible - Part 1

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 5/12/2010

Should reading the Bible be a crucial part of any Christian lifestyle? Desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow thereby.

How Faith Works

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 10/10/2010

Faith is more than a belief in scriptures. True faith as opposed to religious faith works with God, and there are promises to be grasped.

The Joy of The Lord

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 3/10/2010

The "joy of the lord" is available, regardless of the outcome of life. Joy isn't about physical and social and natural things. What God is offering is the greatest strength of life.

Real Heroes For a Real Church

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 12/9/2010

The common view of the term 'hero', is different to the what the Bible describes. Being a hero for the Lord doesn't require super-human natural talent. God has the power to make make real heroes out of real people.

The Greatest Motivator of All... Respect

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 29/8/2010

Respect God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Avoid an unstable Christian life by understanding the respect required by God.

Real Hope for Real People

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 25/7/2010

Many people forget that we have a hope of God's making. God can fast-track your life and turn bad situations into a blessing. Pastor Brad likens life with God to having special VIP status at an airport.

Turning Weakness Into Strength

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 18/7/2010

Moses Didn't have a lot to offer, but God was able to do great things with him. Are you in a similar position? What are you going to let God do with you?

The Abuse of God's Healing Message

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 31/1/2010

A hyper-faith healing ministry can mislead many people. Pastor Brad explains how healing is a wonderful gift from God, but explores the flaws with extremes of faith-healing.

Building Yourself Up Part 2

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 24/1/2010

The second part in a two part series. Where the Lord wants to take you, you haven't been there before. Your calling may not be the same as Paul the Apostle, but it's still important and directed by God. Let's not become distracted by living in a place where our physical needs are met easily.

Building Yourself Up Part 1

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 10/1/2010

What can you do if you've been coming to church for many years, but seem unable to move forwards? Why do people get bogged down? What does the Bible offer to address this situation?

God Needs You More Than You Think Part 2

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 20/12/2009

Part two of a two part series. Does God actually "need" people? Are individuals easily replaceable? An interesting look through the scriptures on how God uses humans to deal with humans.

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