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God's Power

By Pastor Bill Walsh [Bundaberg] on the 23/4/2005

Pastor Bill speaks at the QLD Rally 05. Become more than a conqueror by letting the power of God work in your life.

From Belief To Conviction

By Pastor Peter Miller [Lismore] on the 23/4/2005

Pastor Peter speaks at the QLD rally 05. He encourages God's people to progress from the basic level of belief, into a deeper conviction.

Redemption, reconciliation, restoration and other r's

By Pastor Russel Gaye [Toowoomba] on the 23/4/2005

Pastor Russel speaks at the QLD Rally 05, and talks about God's plan for mankind.


By Pastor Arthur Marshman [Mackay] on the 23/4/2005

Humans love to make old things new. Topics discussed include EH Holdens, cosmetic creams, and renewing your soul

The River Of God

By Pastor Chris Thomason [Townsville] on the 23/4/2005

Pastor Chris speaks at the QLD rally 05. Instead of thirsting for the things of this life, that soon lose their appeal, seek after God's river. The river of the Holy Spirit that meets your spiritual needs. Unlike the things of this world, walking in the Spirit just gets better and better as time goes on.

Be The Person God Wants You To Be

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Don't wait around for everyone else to behave how you think the should behave. You should behave how God wants you to, and enjoy the benefits.

John the Baptist

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 2/11/2004

Jesus described John as the greatest prophet that had ever lived. Why was it that made his prophecy so great?

Staying Saved By?

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 20/6/2004

After discussing the requirements for salvation, PB discusses the requirements for staying saved now we are Spirit-filled and baptised.

Saved By?

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 6/6/2004

Pastor Brad looks at many of the scriptures regarding 'salvation'. The mechanics of salvation are discovered by crossreferencing and looking at the whole picture, rather than basing it on a single scripture.

Abundant Life

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 30/5/2004

Not only is their life available from the Lord, there is abundant life. First, receive the Spirit and then walk on into the fullness of life that the Lord has for you.

How do You Know?

By Pastor Russel Gaye [Toowoomba] on the 21/3/2004

Pastor Russel discusses different ways of telling whether something is true. The most important truth (salvation) can only be shown by revelation.

Spiritual Weapons

By Pastor Mark Hall [Newcastle] on the 21/3/2004

Pastor Mark talks about the weapons of the Holy Spirit in our battle as a Christian

True or False

By C Howard [Brisbane] on the 21/3/2004

About the war against the deception of that Old Serpent

Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

By Matt Allen [Rockhampton] on the 21/3/2004

A youth group talk at the queensland rally about forgiveness

Communion Wine

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 21/3/2004

Pastor Brad talks about the symbolism of the communion wine

Communion Bread

By Pastor Terry Coles [Gold Coast] on the 21/3/2004

Pastor Terry talks about the significance of the bread used in communion, just before the communion service at the Qld Rally.

God In The 21st Century

By Pastor Bill Allen [Rockhampton] on the 4/1/2004

In the Western world, the pursuit for material things, ego, and the glorification of the body, are robbing people of true joy: A relationship with Jesus Christ, and Walking in the Spirit.

Worship in Truth

By Pastor Steve Mathews [Wollongong] on the 27/12/2003

Walking With God

By Pastor Steve Mathews [Wollongong] on the 22/12/2003

Our Christian life is a journey. We must learn from the past and keep pressing towards the prize of our high calling.

Respect Loves Foundation

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 29/6/2003

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