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Seeds of Life

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 20/4/2003

Future Conflict

By Pastor Terry Coles [Gold Coast] on the 1/12/2002

Looks into Bible prophecy. How will the nations interact with each other before the return of Christ. Delves into modern-day Assyria, Ephraim & Manasseh.

The Glory of the Lord

By Pastor Hedley Joske [Gold Coast] on the 9/10/2002

What is God's glory? Pastor Hedley looks into God's glory in the Old Testament and how it applies to the new covenant.

The Way We Should Be

By Pastor Mark Hall [Newcastle] on the 3/4/2002

Pastor Mark talks about the state of the world. There are only two ways in life: Jesus Christ provides eternal life. All other ways ultimately lead to death.

Mysteries of the Bible

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 31/3/2002

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