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Ephesians Study 1 of 7 Ch 4 v11

By Tony Ballarin [Brisbane] on the 9/2/2020

Part 1 of 7. A study of Ephesians Ch 4 verses 11 to 16. This recording studies verse 11.

The Law Of The Spirit Pt1-2 General

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 29/1/2020

A continuation of part 1 from Sunday 26th January 2020.

The Law Of The Spirit Pt1 General

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 26/1/2020

When we naturally obey a law, be it criminal, civil, scientific or moral,we can be unaware of the effects of that law. But there are consequences of breaking the law. Being ignorant does not alter the outcome. Spiritual laws are usually ignored by the greater majority because there is no immediate or visible consequence of breaking them.

Praying For One Another

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 29/12/2019

There is great value in praying for others beside self and family. God is able to bless people who would not normally receive a blessing.

The Failure Of Christmas

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 22/12/2019

Christmas is recognised as a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, with His ongoing purpose to bring peace and life to mankind.

Something is Missing

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 11/12/2019

Despite the abundance of modern technology and knowledge, people are struggling with the issues of life and lack true purpose and contentment.

What Rights? Part Two

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 1/12/2019

Part two of the "What Rights?" talk.

What Rights? Part One

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 24/11/2019

People can be very vocal about their 'rights'. However, many are ignorant about certain spiritual rights, that God can actually enforce.

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 17/11/2019

You can make a real difference in the ongoing battle for souls, salvation and doctrine.

The Intercessor

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 3/11/2019

The Bible contains many stories around the concept of 'intercession'.

Eternal Impact

By Phillip Sunderland [Brisbane] on the 20/10/2019

We can achieve a lot in our lifetime. Raise families, build businesses, achieve goals. Many achievements end with this world. When we have the Spirit, we have the opportunity to do things here and now that will have impact in the eternities. Achievements that will last forever. We thus have an important choice as to where we direct our time and attention.

A Pattern of Good Works

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 13/10/2019

There is a responsibility and duty after becoming part of God's family.


By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 6/10/2019

The Bible talks about things which are spiritual absolutes. Understanding these can change your viewpoint for the better.

What is The Holy Spirit?

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 15/9/2019

A deeper examination of The Holy Spirit, a person, part of the Godhead.

Turning Weakness Into Strength

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 8/9/2019

Despite our best efforts, humans have failings that only God can address.

Controlling the Narrative

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 18/8/2019

Whoever controls the narrative, can influence the minds of society.

New Every Morning

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 7/8/2019

Sin can trap many, but the Lord has the power to renew.

A History of Betrayal

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 28/7/2019

Historically, religiously and politcally, when it comes to Christianity, there are many instances of bestrayal.

The Two Greatest Enemies of the Church

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 21/7/2019

Unfortunately, enemies of the church can come from within.

There Are None So Blind

By Pastor Brad Smith [Brisbane] on the 14/7/2019

Mankind has a habit of being wilfully ignorant of God's truths.

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