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Kevin's Personal Testimony

By Pastor Kevin Quirk [Perth] on the 24/2/2008

Pastor Kevin shares how as a young teenager with no real interest in God, he came to be filled with the Holy Spirit and find true peace and happiness.


By Pastor Ian Jarvis [Bundaberg] on the 11/6/2006

Pastor Ian shares his personal testimony at the Brisbane International Convention. After trying to find God for a long time, Ian shares how he discovered the truth.

Fabios Personal Testimony

By Fabio Crispianio [Brazil] on the 6/11/2005

This is a simple testimony from an overseas traveller who crossed paths with someone who told him about God. One of the most uplifiting testimonies you will ever hear.


By Russell "Jacko" Jackson [Toowoomba] on the 3/7/2005

Jacko speaks about the Lords deliverance and healing in his life. The Lord was able to see the potential in a 'drunk in a gutter'.


By Grant Nicholas [Mackay] on the 24/4/2005

Grant shares his testimony at the QLD Rally 05


By Anna Marshman [Brisbane] on the 24/4/2005

Anna shares her testimony at the QLD Rally 05


By Narelle Mitchell [Sunshine Coast] on the 24/4/2005

Narelle shares her testimony of being delivered from incest, schizophrenia, depression, diabetes, and deafness.


By Denise Thomason [Townsville] on the 23/4/2005

Denise shares her testimony at the QLD rally 05. After having a belief in God she came across someone who had something that she didn't (the Holy Spirit).


By Pastor Steve Horne [Brisbane] on the 23/4/2005

Pastor Steve shares his personal salvation testimony at the QLD Rally 05


By R Hanfling [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Ron's personal testimony.


By Kala Paramanathan [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Kala's personal testimony.


By Peter Irwin [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Peter's personal testimony.


By Robert Forsyth [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Robert's personal testimony.


By Alexes Marshman [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Alexes' personal testimony.


By Carol Biggs [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Carol's personal testimony.


By Mick Milazzo [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Mick's personal testimony.


By Lee Adamczyk [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Lee's personal testimony.


By Mark Cowell [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Mark's personal Testimony.


By Christine Irwin [Brisbane] on the 10/4/2005

Christine's personal testimony.


By Justin Kenneday [Bundaberg] on the 21/3/2004

Justin Kenneday shares his personal testimony at the QLD Rally

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