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Making Sense Of The War In Ukraine

Featuring Pastor Chris Kaye

An assessment of the potential for the situation in Ukraine to escalate into World War 3.

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Zoom The KJV Bible Tips And Tricks

Featuring Pastor John Joskie

A presentation on the use of Old English wording in the King James Bible.

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Spiritual Warfare

Featuring Pastor Arthur Marshman



Featuring Pastor Arthur Marshman


Election Of God

Featuring Pastor Arthur Marshman


Spiritual Gifts

Featuring Arthur Marshman

Part 2 to the Gift Of God 6th December 2020. God has a special gift for mankind, His Holy Spirit. It is the most precious present anyone can receive. Listen to the blessings that follow on from this amazing expression of God's love.

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Zoom Bible Versions

Featuring Pastor John Joskie

A presentation on how the King James Bible came about, and why a slew of "new" bibles are contrary to Gods Word.

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Water And Fire

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

The world is on the brink of a disaster that will eliminate almost all forms of human and animal life. This is the second time that the bible has recorded such far reaching disasters... the first time was the great flood and the next and soon to come calamity relates to the fiery death for almost all forms of life. God had Noah build an ark to save those who believed the prophecy of the coming flood and Jesus Christ is building another ark... called the church; which will also deliver those who prepare for the coming fire. Both destructive judgements are the result of human rebellion against the principles of God.

Nepal Presentation

Featuring BRF

Powerpoint overview of the fellowships in Nepal

The Four Beasts of Daniel

Featuring Pastor Graeme Hazledine

Pastor Graeme expounds some of the prophecies of Daniel. See what the mysterious beasts represent, and how the Bible has foretold the rise and fall of various nations.

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