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Gods Balance Between Sin And Forgiveness

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

The human race now has the ability to overcome their original fall. Jesus Christ has opened the door to the tree of life once again. Through repentance, water baptism and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we are returned to the eternal future which was ours from the beginning. However, Satan has not changed, he is still out to deceive and destroy. Satan teaches Christians first to doubt, and then to deny. We need to manage our sins as God says, not by natural logic. It's in our interest to learn what God says and get the balance right.

The Power Without The Frills

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

Two thousand years after Christ, the Holy Spirit is being poured out like never before, but the power is not properly understood. The way the Spirit is received and used is often compromised through ignorance or pride. Humans have a great need to improve or modify the effective and powerful ways of the spirit. It is Gods will that we be aware of these failings and to protect people from this type of compromise. The simple but powerful promises in the bible are more than enough for all Christians to overcome this world... but they need to know these truths and it is the duty of those who understand to promote it for the Lord.

The Great Outpouring

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

The New Testament began with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit... a new and living way that is able to deal with all the sins and failings of all the people(all backed up with signs).

The Plan Of God

Featuring Tony Ballarin

Jesus?s crucifixion was part of God?s plan. This world celebrates the birth of Jesus in the main more than the death of Jesus. We celebrate the death of Jesus because without it we would not have the Spirit to know and understand God and his plan. Our faith is based on Christ crucified. All things are happening as part of God?s plan and he has us under his care. God?s plan is revealed to us via the Spirit.

A Bit About The Holy Spirit

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

Firstly, the Holy Spirit is an intelligent, personal force... the effectual 'conscience' of God. The bible proves this point by describing the loving and caring manner of how the Spirit acts for those who faithfully obey God. So we see that the Holy Spirit is much more than a source of power alone. It is the life and breath behind all creation and life... and continues to do so.

Soul Mates

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

The concept of a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament and purpose being called a 'soul mate' or 'one true love', originated from the Greek comedy playwright, Aristophanes around 450BC. It is interesting to note that the bible reveals a broader idea on the concept of a 'soul mate' and that originated 4000BC. The bible adds a new twist to this saying revealing a much bigger plan than what many imagine.

The First And Second Death

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

To those that are in right standing with God; the first death at the end of natural life is a temporary sleep before being resurrected into a new spiritual body. Those who have died are not even aware of death; the dead do not know they are dead; their cycle of awareness is over. God explains that the natural life of the unsaved as being little different than being dead. We are encouraged to make wise choices before our time runs out (not just leaving it to the last moment). No one knows how long they have to live. For those of us who have the Holy Spirit, we are encouraged to keep our perspective and be mindful for the lives of others.

The Majesty Of Christ

Featuring Phillip Sunderland


Glass Darkly

Featuring Neil Creek

Our salvation has been sealed by the Holy Spirit. It is really a down payment of greater things to come. We see through the glass darkly, we see a limited view of the future. God knows more about us than we do!! God has unlimited resources (riches) to help us.

Greater Works

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

There is an intriguing scripture in the gospel of John that alludes to our works surpassing that of Christ's. John 14:12. It is interesting for two reasons... the first is the statement that we will have the potential to do the works of Christ (miracles)... and the second, which is the most amazing, reveals that we have the potential to do even greater works then Christ.... how can that be? What is something that Jesus did not do, or could not do while he was on the earth as opposed to what we can do while he is in heaven? The best way to solve this question is to look at the changes that occurred after he left. We do not need to go too far into the book of Acts to find the answer.

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