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Give God Something To Work With

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

Give God something to work with and he will give you something to work with. Everyone can have a wonderful life with the Lord if they stop long enough to give him something to work with. Moses is perhaps one of the greatest examples of God's ability to turn an average person into a remarkable powerhouse. The turning point came when Moses saw a burning bush and stopped to hear the message (just like us when we were witnessed to).

Hidden In Plain Sight

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

An elderly woman in France had the surprise of a lifetime late in 2019, when she discovered the old wooden panel painting, that sat above the kitchen stove was worth more than $7.7US million. She was selling her house and was going to send it to the tip with other 'junk' except for an auctioneer suspecting it might have some value. Having been valued at $7.7US million it actually sold at auction for $26.6US million. We may be equally surprised to find that God has also set a value upon us; a value that is far beyond what we could ever dream of. Like the auction above, once we are restored (saved), our value is multiplied many times more to God, much more than we could ever believe. Our eyes and minds alone can't see God's values.

Believe The Science

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

We are continually pressured to 'believe the science', even though many scientists disagree with each other. Quite often, the term 'science' is used when a political or religious outcome is desired. It would be more convincing to see the evidence than respond to an appeal to authority, which is a false and unproven argument.

Raising The Dead

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

God has identified himself as much more than the powerful creator of the universe and the life in it. He has expressed an attitude towards the human race, that is common to humans themselves. He demonstrates love and care, concern and assistance; like any caring father or mother would do. His interest and regard for us is much more than that of any parent, because his capacity is far greater than ours. We cannot care for ourselves with the same certainty and authority that God offers. If the worst comes to the worst, God is capable of raising the dead. That is something we cannot do for our families. Yet, God now offers us the power to raise the dead.

When The Wheels Fall Off

Featuring Pastor Brad Smith

'When the wheels fall off' originated from overloading, or abusing a work vehicle to the extent that it breaks down and is no longer useable. The west was built on the principles contained within the ten commandments, despite the weaknesses of humanity (a certain level of weakness and failure was already factored in to the system). However, as they have been further weakened, we have been overloaded and failures are appearing everywhere. It's the abuses of the principles that leads to failure, not the principles themselves. The bible reveals many of humanities worst failures thousands of years before they have finally come about.

Get an Unreal Life

Featuring Pastor Bill Allen

Pastor Bill speaks at the Brisbane International Convention 2006. His topic is the convention theme "Get an Unreal Life"

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